Jan 29, 2008

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How To Seduce a Man – Smile


Yes that’s yours truly suggesting you give a smile to attract a man into your life.

Smiling shows that you’re interested and open for communication.

I’ve asked men what they find more appealing  – dancing alone all seductively or giving a smile. All have told me a smile with eye contact does it for them. It’s the first signal they respond to.

Not only that like attracts like so it’s wise to smile. When you’re feeling happy about life you’ll attract other smiling people into your territory . Unless of course you feel at home with the unhappy bunch.

A man can’t make you happy. A man can add to your happiness but certainly he can’t be the reason for your happiness. If he is I do question your neediness.

This may sound uncaring and unfeeling but should my man leave me I won’t fall to pieces with misery. I’m alive and that makes me happy.

Plus I take delight in being a woman. There is so much to be happy about. Seducing a man that you can share your happiness with is the cherry on the cake.

Can’t bring yourself to feel happy? Then check out this.

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