Mar 7, 2008

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Please him Orally

I trust that this article won’t come across as offensive. It’s just that many women ask me how they can please their men.

The Latin word for what I’m about to tell you is Fellatio. In every day language this is known as blow job, giving head and coming down on him. But this must be done thoughtfully or he won’t enjoy it.

Porno movies are not the right example. Those men have been trained to ejaculate on demand and the damsels giving the fellatio are also only following the director’s commands.

In real life men also like to be treated with love and care.

The reason men love oral sex so much is because they are so penis conscious. By giving him fellatio you are showing appreciation of his male part and of course him.

So then how do you go about driving him into the throws of ecstasy?

Most important is to have the right mindset.

Just sticking his shaft in your mouth and going up and down won’t give him pleasure and will give you a reason to gag.

Look demurely into his eyes from down there.By looking into his eyes you are communicating with him and you’ll be able to see his face as he goes into ecstasy.

Enjoy the moment.

Then you can begin to get a firm grip on his scrotum and put your mouth around the head. Give long licks all along the underside of the scrotum. Lick the head area as though you were licking your favorite ice cream on a hot summers day. You’ll be able to recognize whether you’re making him feel good by his reactions. If you notice that he is not overly excited change the rhythm of your licking and hand actions.

Biting and yanking back the foreskin are not a good idea. Pumping hard as though you were blowing up a balloon won’t do it either.

Also pay attention to the rest of his body.

To create a special sensation when he’s about to ejaculate apply pressure to the prostrate gland. This is located between the anus and scrotum. You’ll feel a jerking movement when this happens.

There are many ways in which you can give your partner oral pleasure without having the penis penetrate into your throat.

A deep throat experience is very pleasurable for your partner but will take some practice. It’s something you probably won’t get right the first or second time.

Enthusiasm will turn your man on more than just dishing out techniques.

blowbyblowFrom a woman’s point of view I can only tell you that you’ll reap many rewards from giving your partner oral sex. You’ll notice a huge return of investment!

My suggestion is you get yourself a copy of  Blow by Blow which is the only book I could find any where which explains the nuances of giving a good blow job in an easy to read manner which is not offensive.

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