Jul 5, 2008

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How to Kiss Passionately

If you want to learn how to kiss, learn how to french kiss, or want unforgettable kissing tips for the first kiss, then read on…

You’re About to Discover Guaranteed Secrets That Will Make You the Best Kisser They’ve Ever Kissed!! … And Put an End to the Stress and Anxiety of Not Knowing What To Do When It Comes to Being a Fantastic Kisser!

If you’re wondering why I’ve posted this in the sex tips categorie it’s because in my opinion kissing is the beginning or the end of sex.

Now I’m not implying that after the first kiss you need to have sex. Oh no that would take all the fun out of the seduction.

And besides you are not obliged in any way to bed him if you don’t feel ready – even if the kiss has been terrific. It’s part of wetting his appetite for you. And it’s you getting to know him – intimately and slowly – on your terms.

A high quality man (that’s what you want don’t you?) will respect your decision and he’ll want to make the most of those kisses.

Seriously good kissing also goes down well with established couples. So thinking about pepping up your kissing is a good way to get some zoom zoom back in your love life.

In all honesty a kiss can make or break your feelings for him. Well then okay maybe I’m just speaking for myself then. But I think to myself if it does this for me then it’s possible it does that for him too – right?

Truth is there is so much in a kiss.

Even Cher sang about it way back when.

The thing is there’s a whole lot more to learn about kissing.

But who do you ask?

You can’t really practice on yourself and kissing yourself passionately in the mirror isn’t exactly pleasant is it? I mean what with the mirror being all hard and unyielding. Practicing with your pillow is about as exciting as making toast.

  • Are you sick and tired of wanting someone so badly, but being scared of taking things to the next level by kissing them?
  • Are you worried that you’ll make some sort of mistake when you’re kissing someone because you have no clue about what you’re supposed to be thinking about?
  • Do you need to learn how to french kiss?
  • Are you fed up with mediocre kisses that go nowhere?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ll need to take a little advice from a kissing expert.

These days with the internet being what it is – information from an expert is just a click away.

You know I review everything first before I make a public mention of it or i wouldn’t be of any assistance to my lady friends.

If some thing is good I rave on about it. If it sucks well then I just keep my mouth shut or in this case keep my fingers away from the key board.

Michelle Penny is THE KISSING EXPERT.

She can teach you what she taught me:

  • a failsafe way to set the mood for a kiss
  • how to get over those first-kiss nerves
  • a crucial part of kissing technique that almost EVERYONE overlooks!
  • killer techniques for an opening kiss
  • how kissing can strengthen your relationship
  • ways to build confidence as a kisser
  • what to do with the rest of your body when you’re kissing

The great part is , is that she reveals all this in her FREE 6 part Email Mini Course and Kissing News Letter.

That’s incredible value for FREE.

Now I’m not denying that she also has the most comprehensive book on kissing available in the internet.

It’s packed full of solid information about various kissing techniques.

No fluff.

Believe me once you’ve got him hungry for your kissing the rest is a walk on the beach.

Common at least get the FREE Mini course. What can you loose? There’s no strings attached.

CLICK HERE to go to Michelle’s Kissing101 site. Scroll down to the bottom and sign up for the FREE mini email Kissing Course.

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