Feb 5, 2009

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How to Seduce a Rich Man

richmanYou’ll be surprised to discover that when I check my blog stats there’s quite  a number of people that arrive here because they’ve typed: “how to seduce a rich man” into the search engine.

And actually I’ve never written an article on how to seduce a rich man even though I’ve done it more than once! The truth is that although rich men can be fun there are also those that are workaholics and will be spending more time reading reams of figures than playing with you.

According to Roget’s Thesaurus seduce has these synonym’s: allure, attract, beguile, captivate, charm, come on to, enamour, entrance, sweep off one’s feet, tempt So as you can see being a charming woman is what it is about!

So firstly I must ask you why you want to seduce a rich man?

Is it because you want him to pay your way and in return you’ll be a loving, good woman or even his mistress as long as you don’t have to actually go out there and work in a real job for money?

Or because you’re like me that just can’t stand wimpy or poor men? Oh God does that mean I’m a gold digger?  Even though fast cars and rolex watches are meaningless to me.   Truth is it’s the spirit inside the man that impresses me. Usually rich men have a winners attitude which I enjoy.

Once a had a really rich man after me, he was the richest by far.  One day he invited me over to his apartment which was in the rich quarter of Vienna.  When it was time for me to leave he proudly presented me with a silver fox fur coat.  This action totally freaked me out. I knew in that second I could never be this man’s girl friend let alone wife. Now I have you all confused I suppose. The thing is I’m an animal lover and have no desire to eat them, let alone wear their skins.

Mr. Rich’s  good intentions prooved to me that he had never really listened to a word I’d said. He’d never noticed my feelings about cruelty. I was very put off and told him in no uncertain terms. Three weeks later he knocked on my door saying, babe this time I heard you – look what I got you. It was a spanking new Mercedes Benz convertible. The sight of it, plus the key in the my hand did give me heart palpitations. I took a deep breath  and handed him back the key. I din’t even get inside. I’m not for sale. If I was I’d have my rates posted to my door, by appointment only. No seedy pimp for me.

So once you’ve decided why you want to seduce a rich man you must begin to take action.

Action steps needed:

  • Act like you are a rich mans woman.
  • Go to places where rich people go,  you don’t have to spend a lot of money but be present (by which I mean be there and be in the now)
  • Read up on things that rich people do. They do not work for a living wage. They know how to make their money work for them.

Rich people may do things that you don’t agree with like wear fur coats,or eat caviar. They may also trade in blood diamonds or illegal weapons. There are rich men that own brothels. So become aware of the qualities you want in a rich man. You should be clear on the qualities you want in a man anyway. The relationship Dr. has the best book ever to help you get clear on this and find the man of your dreams.

By the way the rich man who offered me the fur coat and Mercedes Benz is now poor! He married a young woman who took him for every thing he had.  Besides he hadn’t really worked for the money himself, he had inherited it which also turned me off. Not that I have anything against inheriting money. I just feel at least a man should be able to make wise decisions about how to invest it further and not just spend it. The fact that he trusted her with his millions prooved yet again that he was weak. My friends tell me aah but I wouldn’t have allowed that to happen.

You see I come from the old school – I like leading men. I do expect my man to share with me, but I don’t want to take care of his finances. I’ve discovered having my own money is more fun but I still like rich men. And by the way I have some wealthy girl friends too.

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