Apr 25, 2009

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Dealing with Vaginal Odor

smell Hello again,

I apologise for my scarcity – I’ve been working on some videos which I wanted to upload for you but it didn’t work out so I’ll have to think of alternatives.

I trust I’m not offending you on this topic but I’ve had women ask me what to do about their vaginal odour.

Firstly let me assure you that vaginal smell is your greatest assest. I mean it. Men are totally turned on by  your personal smell. So don’t be embarrassed – I’m presuming of course that you don’t have unpleasant vaginal odour.

If your fanny is smelling rather loudly even after washing then you may have an odour problem.

And by the way washing too vigourously with soap is not a good idea. Trust me on this – I’ve done that and landed up having an itchy dry fanny .  My doctor told me that I’m washing all the good bacteria away.  You need all those bacteria to get wet and sexy!

Use a natural soap that is free of  industry left overs, like petroleum. Yikes. I sure hope you are reading what goes into your cosmetics. And when you wash your private parts gently does it, you don’t need to get soap “in there” and douching ain’t wise either.

A healthy body does not have anything smelly about it. Okay granted, not washing and sweating will cause some unpleasant smells. The biggest factor to stinky vaginal odour is health.  Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, lack of sleep and processed foods take their toll on your health. Ultimately this shows up with all sorts of bad odours.

So eat lots of raw organic fruit and vegetables. Your health with improove, your energy will go up and your body wil find it’s natural weight. Your hair will shine and off putting vaginal odour will dissapear.

And just by the way if you want to seduce a man – take your vaginal juice and rub it behind your ears like you would with perfume. I’m presuming your juice doesn’t smell fishy . THis will drive your man wild or any man that comes close to you. And they won’t know why they feel so horny for you. I know it’s wicked. But you want tricks and I’m giving them to you. I suggest you only try this on a guy that’s already given you signals that he likes you. This will give him the signal back.

So that’s all for this Saturday.

I’m playing around with this blog – I’m not mad about the design, so you can expect some changes soon.

P.S. I nearly forgot – I found & read this great ebook that will finally give you freedom from that awful vaginal odour and excess discharge. In the book you’ll learn exatcly :

  • What vaginal discharge is.
  • Which mucus producing foods you should be avoiding or use sparingly.
  • Tips on how to keep your vagina healthy and free from infection.
  • The best way to clean your vagina and keep it healthy and fresh.

vaginalodourbookThis is what one happy women are said about the book:

I am so happy, I only wish I had read your book 12 years ago. I haven’t done anything but clean myself the way you said to and practically overnight my life changed. I haven’t changed my diet, nothing at all. I feel like a brand new women, my confidence is back. This is amazing. If you ever need a testimonial I am your woman. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to fix this problem and I have seen specialists, naturopaths, homeopaths anybody and everybody. I followed special diets, cut out sugar, lived yeast free for a while, it was a nightmare.

Thank You so much,

Mel, USA

Check out all the information about the book here – it’s downloadable which means you can begin reading immediately!

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  1. Brianna G says:

    Hello, Im 15 & Im not a virgin. For the last few days about 5 i’ve been getting a bad urine smell on my vagina . if i open my legs it i can smell it. i usually have white dischsrge like everyday which alsosmells butf the discharge has stopped and now the smell started. idk what it is :\

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