May 27, 2009

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How to Seduce a Married Man


I noticed to my dismay when checking my web stats that a few people land up on this blog because they want to know how to seduce a married man.

Seducing a married man is the same as seducing any man but why the hell would you want to knowingly seduce a married man? Unless of course you enjoy suffering cos ultimately you will feel pain.

It may appear exciting and even convenient in the beginning. A juicy relationship without the committment. You never have to wash his shirts, pick up his socks or comfort him.

Eventually you’ll feel pissed off about him being married.

You’ll be wondering if he’s sleeping with his wife when he’s not with you. Christmas and other holidays will feel lonely.

I’ve never seen a happy outcome. I have women and men friends that have got them selves into a mess by being involved with some one else. The men i know who have been involved have all confessed to me when the “other woman” starts nagging about his other life they feel more compelled to end the affair, rather than leave the wife.

Seducing a married man is no different to seducing any man. I wrote the Seduction Diva’s Cheat Sheet which is an easy way of seducing a man. But beware because seduction doesn’t mean you’ll be winning his love.

All too often women are upset that the man they’re having sex with isn’t really giving them what they really desire – love, respect, devotion and honesty.

Before you go seducing the married man remember that he has officially devoted him self to another woman and you will be his secret liason.

I do believe married men are unhappy with their wives or they wouldn’t be seducable in the first place.  Even so he is still officially married to his wife – he has to deal with his own feelings of guilt.

In my opinion it’s best to save your seduction power for available men.

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  1. Jacob Marley says:

    Anon 2011/01/04 at 7:13 pm,

    To say that you are playing with fire is an understatement, just go visit of a few of the myriad of infidelity related websites and read the messages of devastation that affairs have caused. As a survivor of an affair that my ex-W had, I can tell you, that aside the death of a love one, it is the most gut wrenching experience a human being can go through. It devastates ALL parties involved (the betrayed, the cheater and most of all the innocent children).

    If you truly care about your marriage and your family, then please change pediatricians ASAP and talk to your H about this nearby-miss experience. It is safe to say that despite your claims of him being your best friend, he is totally oblivious to this situation. Even if there is no improvement in the sexual intimacy department of your marriage, there is the possibility that an ‘agreement’ could be reached by the two of you to have your sexual needs be discreetly met without resorting to lies and deceit which are what ultimately destroy a marriage.

    I’ve since remarried and have forgiven my ex-W for her betrayal (for my benefit and those of our kids, not hers). I will leave you and pray that you take my advice. Take care.

    P.S. A year after my divorce became finalized, I received an e-mail from my ex-W basically stating that she regreted not coming to me to talk and to try to resolve the issues in our marriage before she chose to have her affair. In her words “If I had, there is a good chance that we might still be married, growing old together and seeing our children grow up with both parents in love with one another”.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I found out my husband of 17 years was cheating. He denied it and refused to discuss anything with me but said he would never divorce me. So, I kicked him to the curb and divorced him. Cheaters never change. Other women beware; if he’ll do it with you he’ll do it to you.

  3. Actually, I was hoping to find information on how to seduce my husband of 27 years. :) While I didn’t find what I was looking for, I was really amused by your little trap for tramps. Cute! ;)

  4. AnOtherWoman says:

    For those who DO want to know how to seduce a married men- the answer is simple and not as immoral as this lady would assume, as good as her intentions are. The answer is so simple, in fact, it does not require books, or intense training, or even truly immoral behavior.

    Be kind to him.

    No, seriously. Men who stray from the marriage bed are looking for the one thing that a wife typically forgets to provide:

    Kindess and support.

    Some women might make the mistake of mothering her husband- even if she doesn’t nag him, she may emasculate him. Others make the mistake of spending so much time obsessing over remaining beautiful or becoming beautiful in order to keep her husband that she forgets that she IS beautiful to him, or he wouldn’t have married her to begin with.

    Never try to become a wife, if your intention is to be a mistress. If you intend to steal a married man away and marry him yourself- you will find yourself alone and as bitter as his first wife.

    But if you want him for a good time, for as long as you’re attracted to him? Take a deep breath, make direct eye contact and smile at him.

    That’s truly all it takes. Married men who cheat are SO starved for love that they are easily tempted by pure kindness and that puppy love they remember vaguely from before they got married.

    Sex isn’t the issue- men can masturbate, and married men who are bored but remain faithful aren’t tempted because sex isn’t the important thing.

    LOVE is.

    (And you, wifies… take that message to heart and remember to cherish your husbands- or someone else will.)

  5. admin says:

    Seducing your husband should be done in the same way as seducing any man: subtle, kind and charming!

  6. admin says:

    Hi AnOtherWoman,

    Thanks for dropping by, your advice is true. Alas, i must confess that unfortunately there are men out there who have wonderful wives but want to taste many women and will always be looking for opportunity.

  7. Why is ur website not giving us relevant information..there is married man I want to seduce…who knws it might be ur husband

  8. Anina says:

    Hi! I need an advice! I guess you can help me.
    I adore a married man who are 13 years older than me.
    I love him very much even I know that he has pretty woman and children. I love him so much that I don’t want him to divorce. I just want to be loved by him, nothing more, I want to love him in secret even within any perspective. Every moment I think and dream of him and it’s becoming unbearable any more.
    What can I do to attract him?

  9. kelly says:

    It is time you wake up!! Listen to what you are saying! you can get yourself out of the obsession. Its mind over matter. If you decide to move on you will succeed.

  10. you what galfriend just be yourself nuture,love and dont show him that you are nothing without him give him that sense of independency i am telling you he will be in love with you more and more i was also in that situation dating a married man but today we are married if i listened to what myhead was telling me iwill not be married today

  11. Here is my idea. You ask him to lunch (assuming you met at work.) You take your van and bring a picnic lunch. Drive to a secluded picnic spot. Don’t make any physical move until the 3rd picnic lunch.

    The reason to have sex with married men is because they can keep a secret!

  12. maria says:

    I met a married man 1-1/2 years ago. I was recently widowed & he just wanted to make me feel a part of the circle of friends i had met at the local bar. one (1) year later, he started showing interest. I never noticed. Finally, he approaced one day & said that he really liked that we had common interests, he found me tremendously attractive & that one day he could see me spending the rest of his life with me. I was shocked because I never saw it coming. But missing my husband so much, I was flattered & within a month, we started spending more time together but only at the bar. I wasn’t really ready to move on, but his flattery made me more interested. there was flirthing, innocent touching & finally it was his birthday & I inadvertently showed up at the bar on this birthday. He was elated! He introduced me to his son, many friends & told me how happy he was when he saw me walk into the bar. We talked all night, he was attentive & I finally acquiesed & let him kiss me which made me swoon……him too! Then the problem started…….he said he felt guilty,
    couldn’t do this, etc. Let me preface this by saying he was in an unconventional marriage;
    in that he hadn’t had sex in the last 15 years, his wife was a chronic alcoholic (verified)
    & had a chronic back condition requiring surgery & rehab for her alcoholism. I told him that he took marriage vows and although i was flattered by his interest in me, I couldn’t respect him if he didn’t try his hardest to make his marriage work. He agreed and i could
    tell he respected me for my insight. Even so, he still shows interest in me & we have never had sexual intercouse…….a few make-out sessions that were wonderful. He remains loyal to his marriage, which i honor & respect, but i know we have a definite attraction to one another…..I can tell the way he looks at me…….it’s just something a woman knows! I’m totally attracted to him but would never to anything to compromise his marriage. How do I proceed from here……………………….let him come to me?……avoid him completely?……I don’t know where to go from here…….please help!

  13. smooshie says:

    I have been married 20 years, my husband is asleep and was looking for ways to jazz things up and happened onto this site somehow. Your right..if we dont cuddle them and cook and give them the attention they need they will stray. Yet, some are more predisposed to stray from get go..if on 2nd and 3rd your calendar your on it for number 4!

    Just bond with your husband or boyfriend, and a good indicator is when you start being grumpy or naggy..make a date night! Good for both! A good man will stay a good man if he wants to no matter what…a good man will man up and tell you he is unhappy and it is over. I have a good man, not sure there are many out there. Just try to be happy myself and take care of house and kids and make time, if that isn’t enough..someone can take him!

    Be my guest!

  14. I have a handsome husband, that is why I came here. He told me of a woman that keeps calling to have little things fixed in her house and then she shows up at the door with a silky robe. He says she is a looker, but he has no interest, and finds it annoying. If he does not go out on the call, she just calls back the next day to say our guy did a bad job.

    Last month my husband and I came to inspect the work. He told her I was taking over customer relations and I came cheap as I was his wife, I was very proud of him then, I felt someone eying me and judging me. I could not believe this woman — wanted me out of the picture.

    IT is now two years later, she is out of the picture. and I am can only say one all women that want to sleep with or to steal another woman’s man. He chose his wife, that bond, that vow, is deeply part of him.

    Maybe you will win one or two times, but you don’t know the damage you do to him or the wife. May life teach you what you refuse to learn and with very bitter tears, for that is all you give this man and his family.

    I have had come on to me, but I love my family and most of all the bond of honesty my love and I have. He is not perfect neither am I but we talk and we respect this relationship.

    Yes, there are bad relationships but let him lead. If he isn’t signalling don’t chase him.


  15. For those who needs advice of how to seduce a man, Go to church & seduce Jesus to your life

  16. This is for the other woman’s post – always being kind to your husband will not guarantee that a master seducer will not tempt your man to cheat. I went out of my way to take care of my husband and always be kind to him. A master seducing woman knew all the tricks and started her seducing by being the damzel in distress and crying on my husband’s shoulders and it just went from there. She knew all of both of our weaknesses as we were supposide friends before any of this occured.

    Also, every marraige, no matter how good it is, hits rough patches every now and then. Still, no one should interferre with that marraige. It should be up to the married couple to work things out. The other woman tried playing mind tricks with my husband, manipulated him and even instigated trouble between the two of us. We were trying to help out a friend in need and I even agreed to open up my home to her because I thought she was being abused. I had so much trust in my husband and thought our union was strong and I was not jeolous so I wanted to help this woman. Here, she was playing every game in the book to boost my husband’s ego and try to turn him against me. She spent every free moment around him and it was hard for me to have any intiment time with my husband because she never would leave and appeared so needy and dependant. She even had me feeling sorry for her. She is gone and we are still together. It had an effect on us and we are trying to get over the rough patches. We do still love each other very much and want to get over this hurdle. She played so many mind games. No woman should try to steal another woman’s husband no matter how bad they try to make themsevles believe that the marraige is bad. She tried to get in contact with my husband even after she left and I put a stop to that really fast. She is in the process of divorcing her husband so I threatened to let him know everything she has been up to.


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