May 20, 2009

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Secrets of Natural Beauty


What woman in her heart doesn’t desire to be beautiful? I’ve met woman that have given me reasons why they aren’t beautiful or they’ve told me a man should accept them for what they are. This is true – we should always accept another person for who they are. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of ourselves now does it? One of the most coveted qualities a woman can have is natural beauty. And this my friend is the easiest thing to acquire.

The cosmetic industry spends billions of dollars on advertising to make women feel like inferior frumps. So that women will buy their stuff. This stuff is no guarantee for beauty.
Yes some people are born with a disfigurement or a serious birthmark over the face – but still nothing in the world can stop a person from smiling. Many times I’ve been blown away by a person’s warm hearted smile, so that everything else has been over looked.
You just need to watch Nick Vujicic on YouTube to know how beautiful a person can be, even without arms and legs!
Modern laser treatment can severely diminish skin blemishes like birthmarks.
These secrets I’m about to reveal are so simple and so natural. What else besides natural stuff is going to maintain that natural beauty we were born with?

  • Diet
    What a person eats is what they become. No joke. Choice of food is of utmost importance. Cigarettes, fuzzy drinks, burgers and fries rob the body of beauty. My choice is organically grown fruit and vegetables – eaten raw . Seriously you don’t see animals in the wild boiling grass or charring zebras. And don’t even try to tell me aah but we are higher on the evolution scale. Being higher on the evolution scale does not mean we have to destroy essential nutrients in our food by chemical food processes.

    Food affects the body right down to a cellular level. The body needs nutrients for the blood, bones, muscles and cells. Everything that is not feeding the body is just dumping junk into it. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring rabbit food – I eat plenty of hot (as in flavor) and delicious meals. Chocolate anyone? Mmm the cacao bean is actually a super food. In fact David Wolf the world’s nutritional expert wrote a whole book about chocolate. Eat it raw and unprocessed. There are plenty recipes for delicious chocolate treats. I for one eat it nearly every day.

    Changing to a diet of raw food means eating with out guilt! Besides once your body is getting the nutrients it needs the brain stops putting pressure to eat, eat, eat because at long last it is getting what it needs.

  • Cosmetics
    Skin is the biggest organ on the body. What we rub onto our skin is absorbed into the body. A lot of cosmetics are derived from the petrol industry. Uughh! Choose cosmetics that are derived from organic plants.

    Even better make your own cosmetics – just do a google and you’ll find recipes for mixing your own creams, shampoos and toothpaste. A treat for the skin and a saving for the budget!

    Bodies that are fed healthily have less need of a deodorant. When a body has a bad odor from the vagina, arm pits or mouth it’s a sign that all is not well. Fix up the diet and odor will disappear.

  • Fitness
    I’ll admit I’m amazingly lazy. But I can touch my toes, do the splits and take a long walk without getting out of breath. Just by the way I’m 46 and still the same size I was way back when.

    The body needs movement to make the blood flow. Good circulation gives your eyes a sparkle and your skin clarity. In no way I’m advocating strenuous work outs at the gym. Life has to be fun. Right? Stretching exercises and leisurely walks in the fresh air suffice, provided the body is getting the right diet.

  • Rest
    Funnily enough once the body gets the right food it doesn’t need so much sleep! Even so, a good rest is essential for maintaining natural beauty.
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