Jul 19, 2009

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Anatomy of a Penis

Diagram showing an erect penis

It’s come to my attention that many women have no idea how a penis functions. Yeah we all know it’s a genital that is used for urinating and having sex. But do you know what to do with a penis so that he is putty in your hands?

There is an art to handling a penis!

Even though men are tough on the outside they love special attention to their tool box.

The glans is  sensitive and especially the frenulum.

Most men born in Europe are uncircumsized. It is common for men in the USA and other countries to be circumsized.

Jewish men are circumsized due to religious reasons. If you read the old testament you’ll learn that men were required to get circumsized as a bonding act to God.

Diagram showing the difference between a circumsized penis and non circumsized penis

Diagram showing the difference between a circumsized penis and non circumsized penis

As you can see in this diagram a circumzised penis has had the foreskin removed.  In western countries this is done after birth. In some other countries circumsicion is a ritual that is done when boys become men. It is very painful.

Uncircumsized men are a lot more sensitive in the frenulum and glans area than uncircumsized men.

But all men love attention to their private part.

Michael Webb has written a great book titled blow by blow which explains to you how to give a man a great sexual experience with your mouth. Plus you get some great bonuses on how to give him a good hand job. These are wonderful techniques because firstly you can surprise him any where and you can’t get pregnant!

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